Internal Complaint Committee

Discipline Welfare Committee for Student

Name Position Category Mobile Numbers E-mail ID
Dr. MOHAMED SHERIFF N Chairman Principal 9443543458
Dr. SATHEES KUMAR.P Co-ordinator Associate Professor 9486125352
Prof. SANKARAN.A Co-ordinator Assistant Professor 9952524142
Prof.PEER OLI.H Member Professor 9791487778
Dr.KARTHIKEYAN.R Member Head of tde Department 9791919585
Prof.MOHAMED RAFI.M Member Head of the Department 9442380825
Dr.SHEIK FAREED.I Member Senior Faculty 9994588212
Dr.MAYILVEL NATHAN.V Member Student Counsellor (Staff) 9965504111
Prof.CHITRA DEVI.S Member Lady faculty member 9486414128
Prof.SHALINI.C Member Warden / Deputy Warden of Girls Hostel 9944019171
Mr.SAMINATHAN Member Warden / Deputy Warden of Boys Hostel 9789343358

Discipline Welfare Committee for Staff

Name Position Qualification Present Designation / Occupation Mobile Numbers E-mail ID Address
Dr. MOHAMED YOUSUF S.M Chairman OTHERS- Doctorate Others- HONORARY Chairman 044 - 28334989 6/1, Pycrofts Garden Road, Chennai - 600006.
Mrs. SHARMILA S.M.H Member Secretary OTHERS- GRADUATE- Others-GRADUATE Secretary 044 - 28334989 6/1, Pycrofts Garden Road, Chennai - 600006.
Mr. HAMID IBRAHIM P R L Others- DIRECTOR OTHERS- GRADUATE- Others-GRADUATE Director 044 - 28334989 6/1, Pycrofts Garden Road, Chennai - 600006.
Dr. MOHAMED SHERIFF N Member Secretary Ph.D.-Faculty of Technology Principal 9443543458 Mohamed Sathak Engineering College, Kilakarai - 623806.
Dr. ALAGIA MEENAL D Member Secretary Ph.D.-Civil Engineering Vice Principal 9443004367 2/1834, 7, Cross Street, Omsakthi Nagar, Ramanatdapuram